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Holiday Resorts Fethiye

One is at a loss for words to describe the beauty of Fethiye. If you are incurably addicted to exploring new horizons and are a lover of nature, this is the destination for you… What is it that makes these shores so delightfully indented with innumerable coves and the unbelievable beauty of nature. What makes it so alluring? Perhaps it is a bit of everything, who knows? 

To wander through the bays of Fethiye is an adventure, an exuberance, a spring of joy. While passing from one to another, the grandeur that spreads out before your eyes is enhanced by the silhouettes of tiny islands, which lead you astray. 
Fethiye is located in South—West Mediterranean , connected to all other cities by three highways and reached very easily. Dalaman International Airport is as close as 50 km. to the town centre. During the tourist season one can find many flights from major European cities to Fethiye besides the domestic flights throughout the year by Turkish Airlines. Additionally Antalya Airport, three –hour drive to Fethiye, is another departure point. 
Fethiye seaport with its sheltered natural structure is an important stop for yachtsmen. A new modern marina project will be realised soon for a large number of yachts with all facilities on the other end at the bay. 

The whole region excluding Fethiye and Eşen lowlands is covered with high mountains forming the southwestern spurs of the Taurus Range. These mountains exceeding 2000 meters extend the coastline. On a sunny winter day it is a real pleasure to view the pines and snow decorated peaks intertwined with the blue sky. Besides the refreshing woody slopes with thyme, sage, laurel and pine trees the exceptional incense forest is another peculiarity of the Fethiye region. Covering a 100-hectare area the incense forest is an ideal campsite and a picnic area. Balsam obtained from incense trees has pharmaceutical and cosmetic value and it is also used as a fumigate in mosques and churches. 

Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters prevails in the region temperatures are approximately 30°C in summers and usually not less than 12°Cin winters. Seawater temperature is hardly below 17°C all year round. 

In Fethiye, with its abundance and fertile land, agriculture is of major prominence. Therefore whilst in other holiday resorts it becomes quiet at end of the season, life in Fethiye flows on throughout the 12 months. 

Such farming for vegetables and industrial plants as cotton, sesame, tobacco, and aniseed are the major agricultural income sources. Yearly about 250.000 tons of tomatoes are produced and exported. In bee-keeping and honey production, the potential is on a large scale. Furthermore, there is large supply of Chromium ore and Fethiye is an important export part of this mineral in Turkey.

The climatic conditions permit almost all kinds of vegetables and fruit to be cultivated. The special nature of contact between the producer and the consumer may be witnessed in the town market, is most fascinating on Tuesdays. Life at the market and the shops are located around starts early in the morning and gives opportunities to locals and tourists during the daytime. Souvenir shops are located around the Turkish bath and the old Mosque. During the peak season one can buy leather-goods, carpets, rugs, jewellery and the other souvenirs as well as Turkish fashion cloths from these shops which stay open until the late hours. When you walk around, have a break at one of “Paspatur” Cafes for a cup of Turkish coffee or apple tea, it will keep you relax and keep your mind on Fethiye as “the shining light of eco—world, worth discovering” 

Climate Fethiye
Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry during summers and warm and rainy during winters, is dominant in the region. Temperature, which is approximately 30 degrees during summer months, is generally over 10 degrees during winter. Sea water temperature never decreases under 16 degrees during each season. 

How to Go 
By Road
Fethiye can be reached easily by road from all cities in Turkey.

By Air
The nearest airports are Dalaman Airport (50 km) and Bodrum Airport (255 km). Besides the flights of Turkish Airlines both in summer and winter, it is also possible to benefit from the flights from European cities during tourism season. Antalya Airport, at a distance of three hours from Fethiye, also provides transportation to Fethiye. 

By Sea
Naturally sheltered Fethiye harbour is a resort place for all yacht owners. The ships belong to Turkish Maritime Lines also stop by Fethiye. 

What to Buy 
Rock Carpets woven by local people, head scarves with grape motifs, saddlebags and sacks made of wool and Karaçulha rugs can be bought in shops and bazaars of Fethiye.

Don’t Leave Without 
Without seeing Ölü Deniz (Blue Lagoon),
Without visiting Kelebekler Valley (Butterfly Valley),
Without eating fish in Göcek,
Without seeing Kayaköy,
Without staying in a hair tent in plateau.